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Toetoe (Cortaderia fulvida)

Toetoe (Cortaderia fulvida)

This has sharp edged, 2m long leaves, dull on the upper side and shiny on the under side.


    At flowering time the plant has an overall height of about 4m. The dense feathery plumes are generally upright and are 60-75cm long. The plant tolerates a wide range of climatic conditions and harsh soil conditions. It is useful for revegetation and for landscaping projects

    • Grass/Sedge
    • Suitable for riparian planting
    • Suitable for wetland planting
    • Suitable for slope stablisation
    • Drought tolerant
    • Wind tolerant
    • Salt wind tolerant
    • Frost tolerant

    Free shipping in the Waikato area.

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