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Five Finger (Pseudopanax arboreus)

Five Finger (Pseudopanax arboreus)

This is one of New Zealand’s most common native trees found from Cape Reinga to Bluff in lowland forests. Its particular form of a glossy, five to seven-fingered leaf along with quick and luxuriant growth. These are PB2 size.


     It grows into a small stout tree up to 8 metres high and grows well in most soils and situations. 
    It has large leaves divided into 5-7 leaflets. Pseudopanax arboreus is fast growing with small purplish black berries in autumn. The leaves are a favourite food of the possum New Zealand's main forest pest.

    • Tree
    • Suitable for primary and secondary planting
    • Suitable for riparian planting
    • Suitable for slope stablisation



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