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Akeake (Dodonaea viscosa and purpurea)

Akeake (Dodonaea viscosa and purpurea)

It is a shrub growing >3 m tall, and rarely >9 m tall. The leaves are simple elliptical, 4–7.5 cm long and 1–1.5 cm broad, alternate in arrangement, and they secrete a resinous substance. Hence a common name Sticky Hopbush.


    The flowers (7mm) are dioecious; small, yellow-green, lacking petals. The male and female flowers are generally on different trees.  Flowering occurs spring to mid-summer. 

    • Small tree
    • Suitable for riparian planting
    • Suitable for slope stablisation
    • Drought tolerant
    • Wind tolerant
    • Salt wind tolerant

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